Craig Healthcare

Craig Healthcare.

CSIS UK fulfilled its brief to create a state of the art home for people with dementia, utilizing the latest therapeutic design techniques.

These skills were acquired by attending specialist courses run by the University of Sterling. These being one of the key factors in maximizing functionality at the home and quality of life for people with dementia.

The facility was zoned using dementia friendly colours , it had small dinning areas which were homely in style. Safety was an important consideration, safe outside space was also included.

Different rooms had different functions, pictorial signage helped define these. Stimuli was controlled especially noise. Age appropriate furniture and fittings were used, often these had pictorial reminders on, for example drawers, so as to help recognise use.

A 240 item checklist was used to ensure that all the patients needs are meet.The outcome was a friendly and homely care home. Thoughtful design can improve residents quality of life.

Our specialist team has worked on projects throughout the UK. On the design and delivery of healthcare, social care and supported housing. Everything from large scale new build projects to smaller scale refurbishments.

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