CSIS-UK is lead by creative director Chris Senior, a highly talented interior designer who takes pride in developing a project from conception through to completion. Here at CSIS-UK we offer a full turn-key experience, with every stage of the process project-managed by our highly trained and effective team of creative and innovative experts. CSIS is focused on providing the best options for its clients, drawing on over 20 years experience and knowledge.

As interior designers, our role is to improve your living or working experience by creating the ideal environment for you to live and work in your life as you want to. Before we even look at the floor plans, we will talk to you about your lifestyle, what you like, your aspirations, what you dislike and what you ideally want from your design scheme. Sometimes this can be easily identified, such as more entertaining space, bigger kitchens, better bathrooms or dream walk-in wardrobes. Other times it can be about creating an atmosphere, a welcome feeling that makes family and guests alike feel at home, comfortable and safe. So we will spend time with you to understand what you really want, because this is all and only about you, we also discuss outline budgets and timescales so that the project can run smoothly. We believe that it’s important to engage and work together with our clients as the project evolves.

Only when we understand what you are trying to achieve will we study the layout of the property – does it work, can we improve it, can we re-work it to realise its maximum potential. Sometimes this can be done easily, sometimes it can be done with a lot of clever thinking – we've occasionally designed a scheme that removed and rebuilt every single internal wall except one to totally transform an apartment by reversing the layout of the social and the sleeping areas. Our designs work - not only do they create an amazing living layout within a rigid footprint, but you'll be amazed how this can change your way of life and reflect in the increased worth of your property.

Once we have designed the ideal layout, we furnish it with the perfect, often bespoke furniture and finishes. We source furniture, fabrics and accessories from some of the best suppliers in the world to ensure your property is as individual as you yourself are.

As well as managing the creative side, we will also manage all the administration and regulations. We will liaise with landlords, managing agents and local councils to obtain all permissions and licenses necessary to carry out the work; if necessary we will employ a planning agent to present our application. We will manage all building consents, such as acoustic tests for wooden floors or air conditioning units, to ensure your landlord and neighbours will be disrupted as little as possible.

By using our design experience and knowledge of local regulations, we aim to make the whole experience as smooth as possible for you, leaving you stress-free to enjoy the creative journey.


  • Meeting with client and/or agents to discuss your needs and wishes from your property.
  • Creating a design proposal that would outline suggested fees, proposal costs and time lines.
  • Approval of proposal, sign contract, comissioning a professinal survey of the property to create accurate floor-plans and service points.
  • Applying for all permissions and licences required to commence work on the property from required agencies.
  • Presenting you with our design scheme, and revising wherever necessary until you are totally satisfied.
  • Preparing a construction package to allow us to tender the project to achieve competitive quotes.
  • Sourcing furniture, fabrics, finishes and accessories from quality suppliers.
  • Project-managing the contractor and the site from start to completion ensuring a problem free project.
  • Installing the furniture and accessories.
  • Adding those all important finishing touches.

CSIS always endeavours to add value in all that it does. Its core values of putting the customer first, quality, good design, a timely approach and coming in on budget, serve it well in all business sectors. Services range from consultancy, ideas, advice, full project management, remodels to simple schemes of decorating, carpets, flooring and upholstery.

We are a customer lead organisation offering the highest level of service and value.